The minimum age for the nursery is 2 1/2 years as at 31st January of the year of admission .The age limits for other grades are indicated in the table.

A child should be less than 18 years to join the Advanced Level.
If a child exceeds the required age for a particular grade he / she may be denied admission. The birth certificate issued by the government is the only document that the school accepts to confirm the age of the child.
It is the practice of the school to closely observe and monitor the progress made by each new student for at least three weeks to determine whether he/she has been placed appropriately. The school assumes the right to re-assign a student to another grade if the administration finds that the initial placement has been inappropriate.
If the child is selected for admission the parents would enter into a contract with the school undertaking to abide by all the rules and regulations of the school. The parents have to place their signature on a document undertaking to do this.



18 months to 2 1/2

Toddler Group

Early Years

2 1/2 to 3 1/2

Lower Kindergarten(LKG)

3 1/2 to 5

Upper Kindergarten(UKG)


Key Stage 1

5 to 6

Primary 1

Grade 1

6 to 7

Primary 2

Grade 2

Key Stage 2

7 to 8

Primary 3

Grade 3

8 to 9

Primary 4

Grade 4


9 to 10

Grade 4

Grade 5

10 to 11

Grade 5

Grade 6


Key Stage 3

11 to 12

Grade 6 - Form I

Grade 7

12 to 13

Grade 7 - Form II

Grade 8

Key Stage 3
Pre O/L's

13 to 14

Grade 8 - Form III

Grade 9


Key Stage 4
O/L's - 1st Year

14 to 15

Grade 9 - Form IV

Grade 10
O/L's - 1st Year

Key Stage 4
O/L's - Final Year


Grade 10 - Form V

Grade 11
O/L's - Final Year

Key Stage 5
AS/L - 1st Year


Grade 11 - Form VI Lower

Grade 12
A/L's - 1st Year

Key Stage 5
A/L's - 2nd Year


Grade 12 - Form VI Upper

Grade 13
A/L's - 2nd Year

Education Resource Unit
This unit is managed by two qualified teachers; Mrs. Nilu Jeevaratnam and Ms. Samantha Van Vyck. Most of the students facilitated by this section are from the Primary. Parents are very satisfied with the work done in this section and there is a constant demand to accommodate new entrants who we have to turn down due to non-availability of space and our own decision to keep classrooms small to maintain a good student teacher ratio where most of the time teaching is done on a one to one basis.