While we acknowledge and lay emphasis on the importance of passing examinations, our aim is to develop the total personality of students. It has been found that activities that promote and reward individual talent is best identified when participating, in non-academic pursuits. Therefore we at Alethea give equal prominence to extra curricular activities.

Our students proved that they could balance an excellent academic record along side an award winning co curricular schedule reinforcing our belief that one compliments the other. For those who found that their strengths were in sports or co curricular activities they excelled in their respective fields went on to
lucrative employment in the private sector. To that end, we make it compulsory, for students to take an active role in sports, and other team and leadership building activities. Prospective employers and universities too, look for students, who have participated in sports and co curricular activities, as these make the transition from school to work place smoother.

The following sports and co-curricular activities are available. Coaching is by former national level players. Competitive participation starting from inter-house level, to Zonal and Inter International School level events is possible.
• Gymnastics
• Soccer
• Debating
• Oratory
• Chess
• Scrabble
All coaches are former National players in their respective sports. Competitions range from Inter-house to Zonal and Inter-International School events.
• Students Quality Circle
Interact Club
UN Club
Art Club
Every monday morning is prayers for all religions and they start the week asking for blessings and guidance. The ability to promote interfaith and have the participation of all religious groups is extremely rewarding and impressive. All religions societies celebrated Founders day in its usual
tradition - where the Buddhist had all night pirith followed by an alms giving, Christian by a service, Muslims by the recital of yaseen, ziker, Dua to bless the school. The Hindu society at its Saraswathy Pooja.
The Sinhala / Hindu New Year celebration of Alethea School / Alethea International School was held on 1st April at the Senior School encouraging participation of both students as well as teachers who were attired in national dress took part in all the traditional games enthusiastically.

The Annual sil programme on account of the Vesak Poya day was conducted on the 26th of May 2010. Students observed sil and were treated to several discourses by eminent priests of the area. They also took part in a Buddha Pooja at the Sri Maha Bodhi Temple.
As it is done every year, the Bakthi Gee programme on account of Poson Day was held on a grand scale at the S. De S Jayasinghe Hall of the Dehiwala Municipal Council. The songs were such a high standard that they were selected for a divisional competition at St. Thomas College, Mt. Lavinia.

The Annual Pirith ceremony was different from the usual, as it was a "Varu Pirith" held on 17th September morning, evening and 18th morning. It ended with an alms giving for 12 priests.
Christian Society inculcated the values of living the religion by educating and organizing activities on the most significant dates of the calendar. In preparation for Easter a students were taken for the Ash Wednesday service, and a service was also held by a Reverent Father during
the month of Lent for the students teachers and parents to participate in the "The way of the Cross". Every Friday all catholic children gather in the Board Room for the "Holy Rosary".
Teacher in Charge : Mrs. Zahara Farook
President : Haazik Hilmy

This year has been a successful year for the society. The Founder's day programme was held in September 2010.It commenced with the recital of Qirath, followed by a welcome address by the president of the Islamic Society. The Moulawi conducted a special prayer to bless the school, There after the programme concluded with a recital of a Dua and Zikr by the students. On the 9th of May a special prayer was conducted by a Moulawi to bless the students who were sitting for London O/Level and A/Level exams in May 2010.

On the 26th of May the Islamic Society conducted the Calligraphy and the Essay competitions for the Junior and Intermediate students. Oratory ,Qaseedah and quiz competitions were held on the 10th of July 2010 for the
Alethean students.

On the 17th of July, all International School students participated in competitions like essay, oratory, calligraphy, Qaseedah, Qirath and Quiz competitions. It was a great success.

The Islamic Society held its annual Brotherhood day Celebration on the 6th of August at the Bishops College auditorium. It was the 25th anniversary of the Islamic Society. Our chief guest was Justice Saleem Mahsoof. He briefed us on "How to live in a multi-ethnic society". Mr. Talib Sanoon was our guest speaker. He spoke on family life and occupations. The students performed many items to convey the message of Islam. The parents and students from invited schools were also present on this day.
President : Sanjayaraj Murugesan

The Hindu Society conducted the The Saraswathie Pooja in October amidst great pageantry. Both Parents and
visiting schools were felicitated at this ceremony. In February the society conducted The Mahasivarathri Pooja within the school with a Prayer session.
Other Activities
• The Prefects Guild
• English Literary Society
• Students Quality Circle
• Interact Club
• Model UN Club
• Community Service Project
• Toastmasters Courses
• Leadership Training
• Drama And / Or Musical
  Concerts and Productions
• Work Experience for all Year
  10 students and for some
  students in other years
• Community service
• National competitions including:
> Inter Internationals Schools
   Competitions & Tournaments
> Model United Nations -
> Drama Festivals
> Shakespeare Festival
• Zonal sporting competitions
• Seminars
• Excursions